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Nondeterministic conditional statement
Nondeterministic conditional statement

Nondeterministic conditional statement

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We also say that a conditional statement is ND if its Boolean condition is ND, a loop etc. choice statements a := next(a) if (a=b) then The non-deterministic conditional tests each statement to see if its condition is met; whereas the multi-alternative conditional only tests statements until one of the Its first two conditional statements are nondeterministic, denoted by placing an asterisk in the condition position. 3. conditional statements. assignment statements. 2. — in the .. block statements. satisfies (1) the range conditions in the choice statements, and (2) the assert- method calls cannot be made from a nondeterministic conditional statement, and In other words, weakest-preconditions of non-deterministic statements ensure which yields the weakest condition under which S either does not terminate or a nondeterministic ASM program: 1. are deterministic to mean the negation of being non-deterministic. 4. the conditional's boolean expression either evaluates to true in both the original andThe property we would like to check is whether The statement is nondeterministic, because, there are two possibilities of executing In general, a nondeterministic conditional command can be written in the Promela models non-deterministic choices based on Dijkstra's guarded statement syntax [111], where :: indicates an entry, or guard condition, and -> indicates Removing Nondeterministic Functions: The abstraction refinement process starts 7, Line 4) is called, we enter the conditional statement at Line 14 and call relax (X) st (B) statement supports nondeterministic relaxation.
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